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My Manifestation, Damn it!

  1. an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea

I’ve been having these conversations with friends lately, about ~manifesting~ what we want in life. I believe that it helps. Putting it out there in the universe, and attracting our desires. I mean, it can’t hurt, right?  I very much believe in positive self-talk, and seeing the light wherever I can. Don’t you ever give yourself pep talks, perhaps Monday mornings on the way to work: “You can do this! Make it a good day, self!” So, that is what I am going to do now, and here. I am going to manifest my fucking dream man, damn it!! 😉

Oh, you thought I was going to say something deep and profound, huh? We’ll get there! But for now… where is THIS guy?

  1. He is motivated.  No, but seriously. He has a dream of his own. Not only a bog, fantasy dream, but also one that he is dedicated to achieving. I like that in a man. And i will be equally as motivated.
  2. But he is willing to take “sick days” with me. Please, just call out of work with me. Let’s stay in bed on a cold day, or float around the pool and day drink once in a while on hot ones!
  3. He wants to go on weekend getaways with me. I don’t need luxury resorts and fine dining… but let’s take some time to spend a night or two out of town, or downtown! Get excited with me!
  4. Always smells good. No, you don’t need to drown in cologne. Some of you guys just have that clean and sexy scent all the time just from detergent and deodorant.. and I dig it!!
  5. With that.. Hygiene. Brush and floss your teeth. Cut your toenails. Have clean sheets and towels. Don be gross.
  6. Domestication… aside from clean sheets and towels, just be able to pick up after yourself. And also be able to cook. Because that is just a big ol’ bonus. Let’s be up in the kitchen cooking together. Or take turns.. whatever 🙂
  7. Good tipper. A guy that knows 20% is the standard, and no less is acceptable. And also someone who is polite to server staff.
  8. Responsible dog owner.
  9. Supports my dreams – encourage me. Talk to me. Brainstorm with me!!
  10. I also want a guy who won’t mind giving me massages sometimes – ok, a lot. And I want to return the gesture!
  11. Surprise me sometimes. Little things count!
  12. Take my sarcasm. I am clever and jabby– know that and take it like a man! 😉
  13. Love the ocean. Go swimming in the waves with me and soak up the salt water
  14. Not too outdoorsy. Look, I’m just not that into outdoor running and hiking.. haha
  15. I hope you know how to mix a nice drink!
  16. Strong hands
  17. Tells good jokes!
  18. Treats my friends well and gets to know them
  19. Has a few decent guy friends. I say this because, well, birds of a feather!
  20. Good grammar.
  21. Sarcastic, and sweet
  22. Someone who I can make laugh. Because I’m fucking funny.

This is in no way a list of “demands” or me requiring some perfect guy who meets all of my “requirements”. This is me, making a list of awesome little qualities that I think I would love! OK, Universe – I’m waiting for my guy that hardly even sucks at all! ts your move!!



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A light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope in a list!

I am here. I am finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It doesn’t make it any easier to finish, but it sure as fuck is keeping me motivated.

On November 14th I get to participate in my graduation ceremony! And after winter break I can start my final 5 week course! I am 30 years old and I could not picture this moment for years! I just kept trucking along blindly, doing what I had to do to pay my bills and have a little fun, like most of us do. I am writing this post not only to share my excitement, but to tell you lovely, beautiful, intelligent readers that it is not to late! GO. DO. Whatever it is that you’ve been wanting to go and do. It doesn’t have to be a college degree we are talking about. It could be a yoga class, meeting with that Spanish tutor, going on that cross country road trip, or botching an at-home sushi making session.

I don’t know what people like to do? I know what I like to do though, and I am okay with admitting that I can be lazy and scared when it comes to doing something different – regardless of how much I want it, or how in reach it might be.
OK, I am dating myself here, but I graduated high school in 2003 and its been 12 years of signing up and signing out of school since then. I tried different schools, different programs, and even had a handful of “reasons” why I was on a break and when I would be back. Fuck that. If you want something, do not quit.

What made me finally do it? a list. Yea.  A list. I made a list of the classes I needed to finish in order to earn my degree. I wrote down what I needed from start to finish, and it felt so effing good to cross each class off one at a time. It sounds parochial, but try it. Before I knew it I had all but 2 classes crossed off!

Whatever your goal may be, take a piece of paper and start jotting down tasks that need to be done. I promise that once you see that (maybe long) list of to-dos, you will surely see a few things you can do NOW to start making progress. So do it. Let me know. I will help you with this list making. Why not get some free insight from a fellow procrastinator who can manage the “Get shit done” mantra at the school of procrastination and avoidance. Let’s make a plan!!!

I also want to take a quick minute to say that this does not only apply to dreams and goals. Perhaps you’re in a sticky situation and have been avoiding your responsibilities because of it. I get it. I have been there too. I promise. The same concept applies. No one likes to figure out their finances or make uncomfortable phone calls, but I guarantee you that there are answers to what you need out there. So maybe your lists could include gathering the phone numbers you need, or writing out a budget. Just as an example.


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