Hardly Sucks?

Jeannie was a close friend to my mom and I.  Actually, she was family.  Jeannie was such a beautiful human with these quirky ways of looking at life!  One of her favorite tag lines, “this hardly sucks at all” is something she said quite often!  A love of all things sarcastic is something we shared, and “hardly sucks” is my way of honoring her in my daily life.

You can use ‘Hardly Sucks’ however you want! Mostly its for things that suck really bad but you’re lightening it up with sarcasm.  It can also be something quite awesome and literally does not suck at all, it hardly sucks at all.

Jeannie past away on Dec 6th, 2011.

Whether you follow me, or you were just stopping by, I thank you for your time!  Love hearing your comments, and please feel free to sign up and share the blog with others!!


2 thoughts on “Hardly Sucks?

  1. REDdog says:

    Consider me signed up!

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