Coming Up!

Now that I’ve gotten my feet wet with a few blogs, I am feeling a little bit inspired. I thought I would just keep a running list of some topics and stories I’d like to tell in the near [I use that term as loosely as possibly] future!

1. 100 Things I’d like to Accompish

2. My run in with Plenty of Fish

3. Secret Single Behavior (AKA SSB)

4. The Art of Running Late (in High Heels)

5. Controlling Road Rage, & the term ‘jyck’

6. Christmas Cards and RSVP’s

7. When I grow up…

8. Eligible Men, and other Lies

9. Classy, casual sex

10. A pressed suit walks into a cubicle…

11. I’m Alone, Not Lonely!

12. The Importance of Being your Ultimate Self

13. YOU have standards??

14. Judging on the Inside

15. Recognizing Red Flags

16. The Sock Game

17. Dirty Bathrooms. And other disgusting deal breakers.

18. How to be a good Host

19. “She has quite an attitude these days” – a note sent home from my first grade teacher, Sister Anne

20. I’m not drunk. I’m Sober… plus.

21. Holly Golightly Inspiration

22. Thank you, Chelsea Handler, for telling it like it is.


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