How to Make Your Work Day Go By!

Fridays Suck. They just do. At least until 6pm when I can log out and exit my cubicle. If it weren’t for y iPhone I would be lost. Oh, and my inappropriate co-workers. They help too.

1. Instagram.. I follow ridiculous juice heads and see thier self-absorbed transformations. Then I drink a sugary coffee and eat some birthday cake.

2. Facebook. Fuck Facebook. That usually doesnt help do anything but annoy me anymore.. why??

3. Southwest Airlines. I like to keep up on what flights cost. In case I need to flee Phoenix or something… Or you know, visit family back east.

4. Groupon. Who doesn’t love Groupon? Blue ray playeres, AsSeenOnTV gooodies, Getaways! Its the bees-knees!

5. Homework. I don’t do that shit on my own time. I wanna be paid to do it. Anyone take online classes? Anyone?

6. Top 5. Yea… you know what I mean. The top 5 people in your office you would do the dirty with! Its a fun game!

7. I also have another list. Fuckers who don’t wash their hands in the restroom. If you;re that person, Fuck you.

8. YouTube. Thank you, YouTube.

9. And thank you Netflix, Hulu, HBOGo. Once my boss leaves, I catch up On Jimmy Fallon, Mad Men, Girls… I love you Lena Dunham!

10. Lena Dunham… she has a free eBook on iTunes!

10.5. So does Tucker Max. He is a sick, vulgar SOB. But it is entertaining!!!

Thats what my Friday is consisting of! 4 more hours to go!!! What do you do to kill a painfully slow Friday??

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