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Things I learned from 90201

If you’ve seen even 5 minutes of 90210, the new series, you are well aware that this show is filled to the brim with drama. I started watching a few weeks ago and I have been sucked into this world of teenage love triangles- and there are a lot of love triangles. Its certainly a show that leaves you bewildered.. these teens may be crazy, but they are patient. And they are on to something. Here are a just a few things I’ve picked up from them along the way…

1. I’ve learned that the truth always comes out. I am the type of person that usually sticks up for myself on the spot. I don’t know if this is a bad habit or not. But based on the 90210 gang, rest assured that the truth will set you free! 

2. I have learned that getting revenge is more trouble than it is worth. So let things go. If a friend betrayed you, it is not your job to publicly humiliate him or or. Let their choices decide their fate. Don’t let it tarnish your good character. 

3. There IS more to dating than just looks. We’ve only seen this happen a few times on the show, but the sentiment holds true that these relationships are the happiest relationships… meaning the ones we cultivate out of characteristics and chemistry, rather than popularity rankings and pretty genetics. 

4. Heartbreak. It is just part of the deal. If you’ve had your heart broken once, but somehow came back to life from the deep depths of agony, you know that it really does help you grow. I have had my heart broken a handful of times before, I feel empowered because of it. Sound crazy? Having your heart broken to any degree means that you have tried. It means that you let yourself be vulnerable to something bigger than you as an individual. The 90210 crew, however dramatic and unrealistic it may be, has the whole ‘let go and let love” thing down. I bet they all live happily ever after too. Bitches. 

5. I repeat, the truth always comes out. If you’ve been the one to do something wrong, just fess up. Sure it might suck at the time. But it is so much better to just confess and let things fall Image

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Secret. Single. Behavior.

or, SSB as some of you may remember from the ladies of Sex and the City… Carrie with her jelly crackers and fashion magazines; Charlotte with her magnified mirror; Miranda with her vaseline mittens!

We all have SSB, single or not! It is quite possibly the number one reason I enjoy living alone! Here are a few of my favorite secret single behaviors… what is your SSB??

1. Not wearing pants

1. No bra

1. Crackers and cheese in bed

1. Listening to the same song 17 times on repeat

1. 90210 (the new one)

1. Spying out of my window to be nosey

1. Facebook stalking!

1. Did I already say not wearing pants?

1. Dancing in the mirror

1. Sitting down in the shower

1. Candles and dim lights- all just for me!

1. Ordering food for two- all just for me!

1. Getting in my car with no destination

1. Selfies

1. Thrift shopping

1. Bread. SSB carbs dont count!

I won’t tell if you don’t!

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Casual Sex – for the Liberated Lady!

1. No sex before marriage

2. No sex unless you’re in love

3. No sex until the 5th date

Who the hell keeps putting these rules on sex? I mean, seriously. We live in a society that thrives on independence and freedom, yet people still harp on personal choices and sexual encounters of everyone else. 

Personally, I see nothing wrong with casual sex. Sure, no lady wants to be deemed a ~gasp~ tramp, but sleeping with a guy you’re attracted to a few times hardly makes one a whore. What makes anyone think a single female does not, or cannot enjoy some liberating sex as much as the next!!  

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying it’s cool for a chick to lay down for any guy that gives her a second look. There is a difference between enjoying sex to enjoy it, and treating your vagina as a as a free-for-all to bandage up low self-esteem. Sex is still risky business these days, unfortunately. It’s important to take precautions and use good judgement.

Best Practices for Casual Sex:

Be Safe. Are you having sex with someone you know at least a little bit about, or are you picking up a guy you met that night during last call? (One night stands happen. Hell, I am guilty. But don’t make that your M.O.)

Be Smart. Chiseled abs and charm do not equal out an STD. (If you plan on getting down, get your sexy ass to Target for a nice variety of latex!) 

Be Sexy. If you’re craving late night Jack in the Box, have the hiccups, slur your words -or any combo of the 3- you are not in a position to be your ~ultimate sexy self~ you were a few hours ago… especially if this hook-up is not yours! Oh, and do I need to remind you of “Shave your Legs & Be all you can be”?!

Be Casual. Look, if this guy was decent, and charming, and funny, or whatever you fancy, then do not scare him off. Don’t keep this guy trapped in your bed while you discuss past relationships and feelings. Get out, grab some Starbucks, and leave him wanting a little more 😉 

I’d rather be having it than blogging about it!


“Be Safe. Be Smart. Be Sexy… and in that order!!” – Jeannie, RIP

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Shave your Legs, & Be All You Can Be.


Let me start by saying that I respect a man in uniform. Those that risk their lives to save a nation.

That being said, I met a ‘sniper’ about a month ago while dressed as a slutty ‘amy winehouse’. It was a Halloween party and this guy was incredibly shy. We chatted it up and ended up all going to a friends house to after party. We  had a Rated G make out session, cuddled a bit, and slept on the couch together. He is one of those super gentleman type guys who is humble, and respectful. Not sure if it is because of his rural Ohio roots, or the influence of serving our country at a young age. Either way, I was attracted.

About a month went by, and we saw each other again this past weekend. I played it cool, but I could tell he not only felt bad for not making an effort to see me again, but was also a little nervous. We all had some drinks and around last call decided to keep the party going. We went back to my house. I really like him. There was no superficial conversation, and we really got into each others minds. We put a movie on – Friends with Benefits. (More cuddling, like, the kind you do when you are super comfortable with someone…).

When I went out earlier in the night, I had no intention of having sex. Plus it was cold. Needless to say, shaving my legs did not cross my mind. We started fooling around a bit and I knew where this was going. I had 1 of 2 options. Deny myself sex with this good looking, sweet, hard bodied guy, with just the perfect amount of tattoos, OR have sex with him but focus my attention on making sure my legs don’t chafe his? Neither thank you!

What self respecting sexual creature would leave herself with such a dilemma. I did the honorable thing. I politely excused myself, letting him know that I would like to shave my legs, and in the meantime could he please go find some music and pour us another round of SoCo cokes.

GOOD CHOICE. I came out silky smooth, and refreshed (at 3am). We listened to some reggae, danced, laughed, and had a GOOD fucking time. In the morning we… ding ding ding!… cuddles more, laughed, and watched college football. We talked as if we had known each other for years. He’s one of those guys you automatically picture yourself with.

Take Away: So what if you find yourself in a delicious situation, but not fully prepared. Be a lady. Shave your legs. Be all You Can Be.

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