Secret. Single. Behavior.

or, SSB as some of you may remember from the ladies of Sex and the City… Carrie with her jelly crackers and fashion magazines; Charlotte with her magnified mirror; Miranda with her vaseline mittens!

We all have SSB, single or not! It is quite possibly the number one reason I enjoy living alone! Here are a few of my favorite secret single behaviors… what is your SSB??

1. Not wearing pants

1. No bra

1. Crackers and cheese in bed

1. Listening to the same song 17 times on repeat

1. 90210 (the new one)

1. Spying out of my window to be nosey

1. Facebook stalking!

1. Did I already say not wearing pants?

1. Dancing in the mirror

1. Sitting down in the shower

1. Candles and dim lights- all just for me!

1. Ordering food for two- all just for me!

1. Getting in my car with no destination

1. Selfies

1. Thrift shopping

1. Bread. SSB carbs dont count!

I won’t tell if you don’t!

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2 thoughts on “Secret. Single. Behavior.

  1. I can’t even tell you how alike we are in our single lady behavior. I also shave my mustache without having to worry if someone else walks in on me. I just stand there in the mirror and shave it away like a man would.

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