Casual Sex – for the Liberated Lady!

1. No sex before marriage

2. No sex unless you’re in love

3. No sex until the 5th date

Who the hell keeps putting these rules on sex? I mean, seriously. We live in a society that thrives on independence and freedom, yet people still harp on personal choices and sexual encounters of everyone else. 

Personally, I see nothing wrong with casual sex. Sure, no lady wants to be deemed a ~gasp~ tramp, but sleeping with a guy you’re attracted to a few times hardly makes one a whore. What makes anyone think a single female does not, or cannot enjoy some liberating sex as much as the next!!  

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying it’s cool for a chick to lay down for any guy that gives her a second look. There is a difference between enjoying sex to enjoy it, and treating your vagina as a as a free-for-all to bandage up low self-esteem. Sex is still risky business these days, unfortunately. It’s important to take precautions and use good judgement.

Best Practices for Casual Sex:

Be Safe. Are you having sex with someone you know at least a little bit about, or are you picking up a guy you met that night during last call? (One night stands happen. Hell, I am guilty. But don’t make that your M.O.)

Be Smart. Chiseled abs and charm do not equal out an STD. (If you plan on getting down, get your sexy ass to Target for a nice variety of latex!) 

Be Sexy. If you’re craving late night Jack in the Box, have the hiccups, slur your words -or any combo of the 3- you are not in a position to be your ~ultimate sexy self~ you were a few hours ago… especially if this hook-up is not yours! Oh, and do I need to remind you of “Shave your Legs & Be all you can be”?!

Be Casual. Look, if this guy was decent, and charming, and funny, or whatever you fancy, then do not scare him off. Don’t keep this guy trapped in your bed while you discuss past relationships and feelings. Get out, grab some Starbucks, and leave him wanting a little more 😉 

I’d rather be having it than blogging about it!


“Be Safe. Be Smart. Be Sexy… and in that order!!” – Jeannie, RIP

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2 thoughts on “Casual Sex – for the Liberated Lady!

  1. Great post. I completely agree and don’t know where these rules come from in our society about sex. I believe sex before marriage dates back to as long as I can say when people started realizing that having sex meant getting pregnant. Since back then there was no method of contraception, the only way to be able to get support as a mother was to be married to the guy, then he had an obligation and since divorce was not going to happen, you were basically safe.
    When it boils down to it sex is a basic human instinct and maybe an animalistic one at that. Why are we taught to repress that? Like you said, as long as you are being safe about it, there is nothing wrong with having some fun and satisfying an instinct that we were all born with. If we did not have that need we would not be reproducing and since we have been given the option of contraceptives, clearly society is okay with us having sex just for pleasure.
    Let’s all loosen up. I think one can be viewed as a tramp because of how they portray themselves in a trashy or trampy manner but not because of how many sexual partners they have. As long as they keep it all behind closed doors and are safe, it’s really no one’s business but the two involved. (or three?)

  2. I loved this! Good points about the rules…we live in the society we live in, and we must adjust as such.

    Nice post.

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