Shave your Legs, & Be All You Can Be.


Let me start by saying that I respect a man in uniform. Those that risk their lives to save a nation.

That being said, I met a ‘sniper’ about a month ago while dressed as a slutty ‘amy winehouse’. It was a Halloween party and this guy was incredibly shy. We chatted it up and ended up all going to a friends house to after party. We  had a Rated G make out session, cuddled a bit, and slept on the couch together. He is one of those super gentleman type guys who is humble, and respectful. Not sure if it is because of his rural Ohio roots, or the influence of serving our country at a young age. Either way, I was attracted.

About a month went by, and we saw each other again this past weekend. I played it cool, but I could tell he not only felt bad for not making an effort to see me again, but was also a little nervous. We all had some drinks and around last call decided to keep the party going. We went back to my house. I really like him. There was no superficial conversation, and we really got into each others minds. We put a movie on – Friends with Benefits. (More cuddling, like, the kind you do when you are super comfortable with someone…).

When I went out earlier in the night, I had no intention of having sex. Plus it was cold. Needless to say, shaving my legs did not cross my mind. We started fooling around a bit and I knew where this was going. I had 1 of 2 options. Deny myself sex with this good looking, sweet, hard bodied guy, with just the perfect amount of tattoos, OR have sex with him but focus my attention on making sure my legs don’t chafe his? Neither thank you!

What self respecting sexual creature would leave herself with such a dilemma. I did the honorable thing. I politely excused myself, letting him know that I would like to shave my legs, and in the meantime could he please go find some music and pour us another round of SoCo cokes.

GOOD CHOICE. I came out silky smooth, and refreshed (at 3am). We listened to some reggae, danced, laughed, and had a GOOD fucking time. In the morning we… ding ding ding!… cuddles more, laughed, and watched college football. We talked as if we had known each other for years. He’s one of those guys you automatically picture yourself with.

Take Away: So what if you find yourself in a delicious situation, but not fully prepared. Be a lady. Shave your legs. Be all You Can Be.

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3 thoughts on “Shave your Legs, & Be All You Can Be.

  1. malikaboo says:

    really?! … REALLY?! … LOVED it!

  2. Dr. Sprankle says:

    Wow, I admire your honesty to your gentleman and avoided the game playing! I’m sure he appreciated the honesty and smooth legs!

    • MyTwoCents says:

      Thank you, Dr.!
      The next time I saw him and happened to be lying in bed he casually asked if I needed to shave my legs or anything! It was playful, and I believe my human confession broke the ice for us to be comfortable with each other… In bed. We laughed about it some more and he said, “you took a WHOLE shower!!”

      But really though, I need feel sexy to be sexy!

      He leaves for more training today, so hopefully he’ll have some nice memories/stories to last the 6 weeks he’s away!!

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